Phonique has had a long and ongoing relationship with Marc Romboy’s Systematic Recordings label, having released music on the label for more than a decade. This week, he’ll be returning to the label with his new four-track Elitess.

“You can’t imagine how happy I am to be back on Systematic,” Phonique says. “I’ve had a strong relationship with the label since 2005, remixing two of their releases, having two EPs out myself, plus mixing their famous Systematic Colours mix series. Now, after many years working on my fourth album, I am finally back with some club tracks that sit between tech and deep house.”

Elitess indeed falls squarely in a space between deep house and tech, with its driven bassline and woven percussion giving way to hypnotic synth swells in the breakdown, which are soon greeted by a strong melody during the buildup that’s a perfect fit for the classic Systematic vibe.

“I’m finally showing my techy side again on this cut, after an album full of vocal tracks. Spacey sounds with a strong bassline. Hope you like it.”

Release Date // 2017-08-04

Label // Systematic Recordings

Katalog // SYSTDIGI30

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