They have a pretty cool studio at CLUB SWEAT HQ – its meant to be used for artists when they are in town…..but when it’s free (or when we convince the artist using it to join us) we use it to do what have become affectionately known as “group meds.” (Meditation)

As many as 8-10 of us will get in the studio and rather than make noise, make silence – for 20 minutes, gently favouring a mantra that our resident guru has given us – over our thoughts. When you come out of these meds, you can often feel most rejuvenated, inspired and more often than not, very creative. And so it was that a week or so ago, post a group med, Danny T aka TEA TOWEL aka head honch at CLUB SWEAT, started telling me, very excitedly, a little tale.

It went something like this.


Release Date // 2019-02-22
Label // Club Sweat
Catalogue // CLUBSWE155

Please grab your copy here!


“Man, we got the illest shit right now. It’s so fresh. Like seriously, just a little sample and I promise, you are flying. It’s seriously the best shit ever.”

“Oh yeah,” I thought to myself, my head still hovering in a cloud of bliss. “Guess Danny’s excited for the weekend,” I mused.

He kept going.

“Fa real. Its that REAL PARTY shit. It’s so fucking good man.”

And this is where I guess my confusion became bemusement.

“Straight Colombian fire,” I (thought) I heard him say.

I didn’t know why he was talking like this post a med but he went on.

“It’s going to knock your socks off man!! Wait til you hear it!!”

Wait a minute…hear it….I questioned him….

And the penny dropped. He was talking about REAL PARTY by KOLOMBO….not that other party from Columbia.

I hugged him. Med life really was the good life.

And then we used the studio for what it was more intended for and put this little party starter on!!!!

In the words of Uma Thurman’s Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction, “I said God damn.!!!!”

KOLOMBO – REAL PARTY -you’ve outdone yourself again!!!

Much love -Team Sweat



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